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Marriage or Civil partnership is a matter of choice for the couple.

  • A marriage is officially formed as the couple say the legal vows to each other during the marriage ceremony. The documentation signed at the end of the ceremony is a record of the marriage having taken place.
  • A Civil Partnership is formed at the point where the couple and their witnesses sign the documentation. There is no requirement for any legal vows to be spoke although many couples choose to sign their documentation at the end of a celebratory ceremony.

The government’s marriage and civil partnership policy paper explains the similarities and differences between civil partnership and marriage for same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

Whatever your choice, Liverpool is the perfect place to say ‘I do’ with a range of stunning venues throughout the city, including Liverpool Register Office at St George’s Hall.


Liverpool Register Office at St George's Hall

If you choose Liverpool Register Office for your big day, we’ll go above and beyond to make it extra special.

Sefton Palm House wedding

Approved venues

Our registrars will make your ceremony one to remember at any of our approved venues across the city.

Wedding dance

Special Day, Special Way

Have your ceremony in part of an approved venue which is normally restricted by law.

Wed couple outside St Georges Hall

Image credit: Andy J Photography

Religious marriages

What you need to know if you are getting married in a church or other religious building.

Wed couple outside St Georges Hall

Image credit: Andy J Photography

Renewing your vows

You don’t need to be celebrating a marriage milestone to renew your vows – whatever the reason, we’d be delighted to help.

Wed couple outside St Georges Hall

Registration and certificates

Marriages are no longer recorded in a marriage register at the end of a ceremony and legal certificates are not presented on the day.